DOT COM The Government In Exile

The Government In Exile

Renew our democracy.

Trump feathers his financial nest while mass deporting imigrants.
Trump must be deported; impeached! Throne out.

We are the anti-Trump!
Your Government In Exile.


Upon inauguration Mr. Trump proclaimed

"Today we are transfering power
back from D.C. to you, the people."

We accept.

Our wealth is political health.

What follows is
Your Government In Exile
health care guarantee
how we renew, improve and replace
Obama Care and more,
lowering health care costs for our whole country.

Upon a simple
non-legislative public agreement
between us and ourselves,
involving our pennies
every 7 day's pay
11 million healthy workers

score $55 million gratuity dollars,
for their own
Catastrophic Illness Pool
soon to be our
Nationwide Fountain of Healthiness!

Within six weeks
based on our loose pennies out of pocket
Insures 11 million healthy workers
taxpayer's cost

Another six weeks
twelve million more people
with a similar
penny-wise commitment
get fully covered.

Then Obama Care folks
may begin their voluntary
Lev Care migration
to get better care for way less money!

Within one year
our loose spare pennies shall be
two billion
eight hundred sixty million dollars

our catastrophic illness pool


Within the year
you every company Congress our whole country can
migrate to Lev-Care.
Save money.

Lev Care is a world health solution!

It's your world.

within a couple years
will save America
more than couple trillion dollars every year!

Your Government In Exile!

Our loose pocket change
your health care
without bureaucracies!

Every Dr. and Dentist benefits from our
common sense private one-payer plan.
You are the payer! You, in charge of your care!

How we get to
world-winning health care access
government dollars
deep ends on our
non-governmental know-how!

As a people,
upon an advance TV broadcast
intro due sing
Lev plan,
we agree on docking ourselves
a two penny
on all our goods from
fast food chains,
supermarkets, Walmarts,
Kmarts, Targets, Home Depots, Stop & Go's, and etc.

Two pennies;
a two cents
covers 11,000,000 entry wage workers to start.

Upon burger, fries and drink,
the cashier asks,
"Is our gratuity OK?"
A nickel and a penny
is added to your tab.
Fifteen items at the supermarket
is 30 cents extra.
your out the door total tops $45.00

With Lev Care, retail chains save a lot!
Workers work happier, generating gratuities.

Even coupon fanatics agree
our two penny gratuity on every item
given to
many millions of healthy workers makes good cents.

With a couple pennies out of pocket
we all have skin in the game
in clue ding
an undocumented worker ordering a bagel.

At the end of the week
our loose pennies are divided
according to our total hours worked
then deposited in our
Medical Assurance Savings Accounts.

After six weeks
card holders can use their cards
for other family members
and their significant other's, too.

Our pennies out of pocket
with an extra five bucks per head
(kids included free)
the health-care-kitty
our Catastrophic Illness Pool and
12 million more people,
whole families are covered for their Lev Care!

At the end of another six weeks
more than 690 million is stashed in
Catastrophic Illness Pool!

By the end of our first year
more than three billion dollars is on hold in
Catastrophic Illness Pool.
Whatever cannot be treated from a visit to the Doctor
may be diagnosed catastrophic.
You get sick go see the doctor. Tooth ache, dentist.

We seek a one line change in our tax code:
Doctors can do as much as $50,000 in charity
deducted off the top of their tax
with an additional half off Uncle Sam's bottom line,
a super incentive!
Medical providers get their own Trumpian chance at
Freedom of Income Tax.

Our tax loss is off-set by
Emergency Rooms only for ambulatory emergencies.

Doctors and dentists may display neon signs
"Don't have insurance? We are here. Walk-ins welcome."

From this one-line change in our tax code
millions of Medicaid candidates
and others
are pre-covered for all their health care.

Economic Law: demand governs supply cost.
We plan on sponsoring medical education for
doctors, dentists, and all related medical personal.
Nothing is free.
A medical pro will have 40 zero-interest years to pay back
for their medical education
and be able to work off their 40 year loan
doing charity.
With Freedom of Income Tax a realizable goal
and guaranteed money for med school

America will always have a healthy supply of doctors and dentists in our marketplace.

Instant money talks.
Our strength is we, the people unbreached
each and every one of us
single payers
who pay for our health care needs
with our neighbor's good cents capping a six-nickel tip.

Dems and Reps are the same.
Different name.
Without refrain
might we
our founder's freedom scheme
swamp their drain?

We must
start our Lev Care plan
with a public interest mass media speech.

Without government intrusion
or insurance company bureaucracies
Lev-Care on its own shall cover 60 million families
within 24 weeks.

We have rights.
We, the people have a constitutional right
our entitlement to uncensored
Public Interest
mass media political speech.

The Government In Exile!
Our strength is in numbers. You and your
loved ones. To your health

click for the original / updated Lev-Care essay.

Crowd Fun Ding!

You want fair health care and down a short road actual World Peace?
Peace beginning with an all channels peaceful night?
(Crowd click on Donate. Fun joining dough nation. Ding! Get free Book).

The Government In Exile!

This link not only has the counter-measure to nullify N. Korea's ballistic missiles.
Our Government In Exile
will nullify every country's ballistic missiles.
a defined plan to
enforce a truce leading to peace in Syria.
Lev Exit Strategy Out of Iraq and Afghanistan that
includes eliminating ISIS in 90 days flat!
Jobs Plan

10,000 hybrid Lev clipper ships.
clipper ship building careers with on-the-job training
wherever there is water and people need work.
Lev Mortgage reform that qualifies for a Nobel Prize.
Lev Credit card reform lowers your rate while doubling the credit worthiness of our whole country.
Find out how
we can end the heroin / opiate narcotics crisis in USA, first written down 1972.

The Government In Exile Presents
Woodstock 2018 Redux
Politics and Music shall enable USA renewal.
Five hundred thousand delegates is a sea of people
$250.00 delegate's fees
e quill
$125 million dollars to make our Lev Party a worldwide event.
I am the Lev your MC CPB, Master of Ceremonies / Convention Party Boss.
I plan on five full 9 -5 days ratifying our party's party-all-night-for-peace platform, written by us.
I'm also planning on five full Rock and Roll nights with our soon-to-be invitees
Taylor Swift, Stevie Wonder
Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Madonna,
Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett,
The Doobie Bros, John Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, Elton John, U2 Bono, Sting, Pearl Jam, Jay Zee Beyonce
all our best performing artists
with up and coming groups recommended by you to open our nightly rock;
Celebrating the platform planks we ratified that day.
Let your time online inspire your dough nation.
Only anonymous members can become concert attendee delegates.
The Government in Exile!

poet prophet peacekeeper
built and wrote
The Government In Exile dot live.
Click on his image.
See and hear the poet prophet retell our story of creation.
Adman and Even Bac in the Gar Den.

Mark today the day
You, too
proclaimed your spirit's independence.

The thin skin
Russian money laundromat
Don el Dough Trump must be dumped!
D. Chief Liar Thief evicted from our fief.

I trust you are or have joined the Government in Exile
and made a voluntary dough nation,
your anonymous membership fee.

I have raised the issue of my Television Scripture
my to be "spoken poem for all man kind"
lettered in double columns
to perform live whirled wide on worldwide television,

the seam in the tap-a-stream
World Peace and food chain harmony;
The first peaceful night in five thousand years of recorded
history on good ship Mother Earth.
All the world's peoples doing the same thing at the same time
Wa ching the Big TV Show
Due Tur(n) On Oh Me!

Sing you lurn issue: Are my inspired mull tie ling well narratives
fun to listen to?
Decide for your self.

Michael Levinson

To see your self-hand-lettered spoken poem for all man kind
That runs and puns through every spoken tongue
Your Television Scripture / Vehicle for World Peace
beyond mere verse
every line delicate sensible rhyme
put your cursor on the Ali Lev 88 poster and click on the poster below.
Wait a few for a full pdf scan of
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss
your own free loaner, on your own desk top.
The prophetic
mull tie ling well prophetic art
lettered on the page
to be performed live for all mankind.

Freedom of Speech means speech is free.
Ad vir tie zing makes it ha pen
Free to speak free to listen.
It's your world. We share the same universe.
There are other universe is.

De pen ding on your browser,
you should be looking at the Ali Lev 1988 poster.
Mouse click the Lev-Ali poster.
Or Click The Book ov Lev It A Kiss
on the line below in
Both get you a full scan of the prophetic c. 1971 hand lettered book,
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss.

The Book ov Lev It A Kiss

is the hand lettered double-column Television Scripture,
lettered in design
to perform from dusk until dawn as old blind Homer
for all the worlds' peoples to participate in together all at once.

Due Tur(n) On Oh Me
is the pox
on yer lips
The Book ov Lev
out loud.

After you download
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss,
after the opening two hymns and a prayer,
scroll past your story of Adman and Even
to page 19.

The left column begins
with the c. 1971 description of
the arctic ice caps melting:

"All this car bin mah / Nox ide in the air
Bruth er you aint / God ath leetz feat
You roas tin pole / Er ice caps gun er
Mel din you gunnuh / gedda steam bath."

Toward the bottom of the right column
on the same page nineteen,
see the description of the
North Korean despot Kim Jung-un,
before he was born.

The hand lettered Television Scripture
is the book of living prophesy.
As world events unfold
it turns out
they were spelled out in advance.
Nixon is described leaving the White House
in disgrace.

George Wallace gets the scrue from a shot in the back.
Spiro Agnew is a tragic hero
over money.
The Japanese Tsunami is descriptively foretold;
along with
the BP Gulf of Mexico spill described.
The settlement of the Middle East,
waiting for Lev to ha pen
is yet bell clear in your Television Scripture.

Due Tur(n) On Oh Me
The Book ov Lev It A Kiss
out loud treb-held
is not the apocalypse,
a pox on yer lips,
all the worlds' peoples,
sides splitting in laughter
all the worlds' toes
together go wing rah ha rah
The Living Torah
given live whirled wide what
The Television Scripture
Book ov Lev

Instant goal
Lev-Care launch
$5 to $50
From Me
Your down load of
The Television Scripture.

From the wealthy folks
more way more
their healthy chunks
prime time air
Public Interest Television,
live in TV station
health care vision

newspaper editors, reporters,
talking heads there,
every quest yin answered.

Viewers and listeners can judge
is their sled to better fare,
2nd opinions always available, to be sure.

While we are there
viewers and listeners together
may spout
his whale of a tale
over the air
setting his cosmic stage
to deliver world peace and
food chain harmony
for all the worlds' peoples at once
Lev tells vision
art from the heart
his inspired
whirled-wide plan for world peace
whirled pizza
every buddy Getz a slice
in spite of J. Edgarina's
Fed burr of Eye corral
"our happy Lev"
finally unbound
part of our
Public Domain.

We seek
Public Interest televised forums
to broadcast Lev Health Care
and Lev plan for delivering our world to peace.

The Government In Exile
with your support
may foster the airtime.
Participating press may
advertise their papers
to enlarge online digital readership
without shouldering
total airtime cost for producing Public Interest
Lev-Care press forums.
Our entitlement to allowable airtime
with or without
noose paper participants
shall be a prime impressive lesson in the art of doing a broadcast TV deal.
Money Talks!
We are Citizens. Let's get United
Become member. Get Television Scripture.

N. Korea

The 33 years old bed-wetter despot running North Korea
plans on launching nuclear armed ballistic missiles
to annihilate our West Coast
and he is on the brink.
Kim Yung-un, the little big shot,
plans to destroy San Diego,
Hollywood, Apple headquarters in Silicon Valley and Microsoft Campus in Seattle.

35 million people. Probably way more. Why?
For more than twenty years his grandfather and father repeatedly told him
he would be the leader to put down the Americans
and become God of all Korea.

What do we need this for? America wants peace!
Why is Korea divided in the first place?
Whose idea was that? The Korean people are
industrious, fierce fighters who also prefer to live in peace,
relatives intermingling north and south without borders.

The Government In Exile has a
cost effective counter measure
to eliminate [ICBM] intercontinental ballistic missiles as implements of war.

Venus Fly Trap Lev David Drones,
on the drawing board, below,

are designed to track, target and meet intercontinental ballistic missiles
high in the heavens for perpindicular head-on collisions,
200 miles off our coast.

The Lev ballistic missile counter-measure
is the missing element that keeps the two Koreas apart from each other,
for the Lev ballistic missile drone counter-measure,
developed and implemented,
instantly eliminates the 33 years old bed-wetter, Kim Jung Un's
threat to any and all
except his nightly threat to his own wet underpants.

From the diagrams above note the diagonal is 130 feet.
We estimate
we can build a proto-type for $100,000.
Our Venus Fly Trap Lev David Drone is the counter-measure
to eliminate all ballistic missiles, regardless intercontinental or short range, as implements of war.

We cannot build our Lev David Drone Goliath destroyer without your support,
and we have to move fast. Please give the peacemaker a hand.