The Government In Exile

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Our mini-goal is one million joiners
for starters
average $20.00 each,
sooner rather than later.
Whatever you can afford is OK with us.
From $5.00 to $50,000 is fine.
We plan on applying for prime time
air a live informational forum,
our station audience
newspaper editors, reporters, and TV commentators,
all their questions answered,
so the American people can judge
is the health care solution
to cover our country and lead the world
to better health.

We are opening negotiations with major newspapers
to “sponsor” our public interest forums.
At the same time we are suggesting
The Government In Exile
may foster airtime cost regardless,
so participating newspapers can
to enlarge their online digital readership
without having to shoulder
the total cost of our time on the air.
Applying for the airtime with or without
newspaper sponorship
is a prime lesson in the art of doing a TV deal.

Mr. Trump wants throw people out.

We, the people are the anti-Trump!

Clipper ship building

Clipper ship building
Four or five million $20 per hour entry level jobs in USA
Wherever there is water and people need work!
Click to sea
Lev Deal clipper ship building jobs plan

Millions of long term jobs building 10,000 hybrid clipper ships
insures U.S. remains the world's economic leader.

A few years back there was an article
Bloomberg Business Week
about Rolls Royce in England
developing Lev clipper ship idea
With rotational masts to catch every gust.
Rolls doesn't have solar voltaic sails.
I have been preaching this idea we build
Hybrid clipper ships
wherever there is water and people need work
since my first presidential
write-in campaign in 1980
I talked up my clipper ship idea in New Hampshire
primary on NHPTV in 1988
Also in numerous 1500 character comments in
The New York Slimes during 2012 election.

saves every house, pays off the banks,

lowers every mortgage payment,
wipes Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac slates clean
while drawing down our National Debt!
Judge for yourselves
Lev Mortgage Program qualifies for a Nobel Prize.

Here is the background that makes this mortgage reform happen:
We have 2.8 trillion dollars in U.S. Savings Bonds
gathering dust in the Social Security Lock Box.
The lock box had keyless entry.
The Congress raped our retirement money
to build aircraft carriers we could live without
and planes impossible to fly
replacing our retirement money with U.S. Savings Bonds
so we are paying into our retirements twice.

We are turning our dusty moribund Savings Bonds
into a new and understandable financial instrument:
The 2% U.S. Morgage Savings Bond.
We will purchase every mortgage in USA at reasonable discount.
Lower the payments, provide foreclosure protection
with average mortgage at 5%.
The U.S. Mortgage Savings Bonds are at 2% with a 3% spread
on 51 million monthly mortgage payments.
We apply the 3% spread on the mortgage payments to drawing down our national debt.

Uncle Sam Shazam

doubles the credit worthiness of our whole country,
from the bottom up.

The essay, Uncle Sam Shazam, is high tonic prose
Uncle Sam Shazam could be typeset as a poem.

Here's the Uncle Sam Shazam Lev Deal:
We issue 2% Shazam Savings Bonds
to pay off everyone's credit card debt,
moving their debt to Uncle Sam Shazam cards
interest rate 7% to 12%.

Deep ending on your cred
the spread between the 2% U.S. Shazam Bonds
and the interest on your Shazam cred card
is applied to further drawing down our national debt!

Soon enough we won't have a national debt sucking up our wealth.

The card companies will have millions of reliable customers
with clean cards burning holes in their pockets.
New companies will form / business will begin to boom.
The poverty line poor with Social Security
will have a $500 Shazam line backed by their monthly sinecure.

Mark today the day
Your Government In Exile
proclaimed our independence.

This thin skin
Russian money changer
Don el Dough Trump must be dumped!

path to
World Peace
is the chump Donald Trump
D. Chief Liar Thief evicted from our fief.


To see your self-hand-lettered spoken poem for all man kind
That runs and puns through every spoken tongue
Your Television Scripture / Vehicle for World Peace
beyond mere verse
every line delicate sensible rhyme
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The Book ov Lev It A Kiss
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The prophetic
mull tie ling well prophetic art
To be performed out laud live for all mankind.

Amongst us is a genuine poet prophet.

Freedom of speech means speech is free. It should not cost us to listen or speak.
It is your world. We share the universe. There are other universe is.

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