The Government In Exile

Renew our democracy.

Trump feathers his nest while he mass deports poor imigrants.
We must deport Trump; see him throne out. Impeached!

We are the anti-Trump!


Your Government In Exile!

Upon inauguration Trump proclaimed

"Today we are transfering power
back from D.C. to you, the people."

We accept.

Our wealth is good health.

What follows is
Your Government In Exile
health care guarantee
how we renew, improve and replace
Obama Care, and more.

Within six weeks
Insures 11 million healthy workers
taxpayer's cost

Six weeks later
12 million more people are
under the same non-governmental
penny-wise structure
fully covered.

Every 7 day's pay
11 million healthy workers

secure $55 million gratuity dollars,
for their own
Catastrophic Illness Pool
soon to be
The National Fountain of Healthiness!

Obama Care folks may
then begin their voluntary
Lev Care migration
to get our better care for a lot less money!

Within one year
our spare pennies shall become
two billion
eight hundred sixty million dollars

our catastrophic illness pool


Within the year
you every company our whole country can
migrate to Lev-Care.
Save money.

Lev Care is a world health solution!

It's your world.

Within 10 years
Lev-Care will save United States
more than 3.2 trillion dollars every year.

Your Government In Exile!

Your loose pocket change
your health care
without bureaucracies!

Every Dr. and Dentist benefits from our
common sense private one-payer plan.
You are the payer! You, in charge of your care!

How we get to
world-winning health care access
government dollars
deep ends on our
non-governmental know-how!

We can agree as a people
upon an advance TV broadcast
to dock ourselves
a two penny
on all our goods from
fast food chains,
supermarkets, Walmarts,
Kmarts, Targets, Home Depots, Stop & Go's, others.
Two pennies.

The two cents
covers 11 million entry wages workers, and more.

Upon burger, fries and drink,
the cashier asks,
"Is our gratuity OK?"
A nickel and a penny
is added to your tab.
Fifteen items at the supermarket
is 30 cents extra.
your out the door total breaks $40.00

Coupon fanatics agree
a two penny gratuity on every item
for millions of healthy workers makes good cents,
a non-governmental health care base.

With a couple pennies out of pocket
we all have skin in the game
in clue ding
an undocumented worker ordering a bagel.

At the end of the week
our loose pennies are divided
according to our total hours worked
then deposited in our
Medical Assurance Savings Accounts.

After six weeks
card holders can use their cards
for other family members
and their significant other, too.

Upon our pennies out of pocket
with a few extra dollars
thrown into our health-care-kitty
The Catastrophic Illness Pool
23 million people

will have access to our med-care.

At the end of six weeks
more than $360,000,000.00 resides in
Catastrophic Illness Pool!

By the end of our first year
more than three billion dollars will be
in our Catastrophic Illness Pool.
Whatever cannot be treated from a visit to the Doctor
may be diagnosed catastrophic.

We seek a one line change in our tax code:
medical professionals can do $50,000 in charity
deducted off the top of their income tax
with an additional 25K off their Uncle Sam bottom line.
Our medical care providers' goals:
Freedom of Income Tax.

Our tax loss is off-set by
Emergency Rooms only for an Emergency.
Medical doctors and dentists may display a neon
"Don't have insurance? We are here. Walk-ins welcome."

From this one line change in our tax code
millions of Medicaid candidates
are pre-covered for all their health care.

Economic Law: supply governs demand.
We plan on sponsoring medical education for
MD's, dentists, nurses and all related medical personal.
Nothing is free.
A medical pro will have 40 interest free years to pay back
for their medical education
and be able to work off their 40 year loan
doing charity.
With Freedom of Income Tax a realizable goal
and guaranteed money for med school

there will be an abundance of doctors and dentists to go around.

Instant money talks.
Our strength is we,
each and every one of us
single payers
who pay for their health care
with our neighbor's good cents capping a six-nickel tip.

Dems and Reps are the same.
Different name.
Without refrain
might we
our founder's freedom scheme
swamp their drain?

We ought to
start Lev Care campaign
with a mass media public interest speech.

Without government intrusion
or insurance company bureaucracies
Lev-Care is going to cover 60 million families
within 24 weeks.

We have rights.
We, the people have a constitutional right
our entitlement
to televised uncensored political speech.
The Government In Exile!
Our strength is in numbers. You and your
loved ones. To your health

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The Government In Exile!
This link not only has the counter-measure to nullify N. Korea's ballistic missiles.
The Government In Exile
will nullify every country's war-purpose ballistic missiles.
a defined plan to
enforce a truce leading to peace in Syria.
Lev Exit Strategy Out of Afghanistan and Iraq that
includes putting ISIS down in 90 days flat!

Lev 10,000 hybrid clipper ship building plan to
create five million entry jobs with an on the job ship building skills future
wherever there is water and people need work.
Lev Mortgage reform qualifies for a Nobel Prize.
Lev Credit card reform lowers your rate while doubling the credit worthiness of our whole country.
Find out how
we can end the heroin / opiate narcotics crisis in USA, first written down 1972.

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The thin skin
Russian money laundramat
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